29 dec.

Stupid Gift

Jill: How was your Christmas?

Mary: Oh, it was just fine. How was yours?

Jill: Pretty good… At least this year I didn’t get any useless or stupid gifts. Did you ever get a gift that you just hated?

Mary: Yeah, one year I got one of those talking scales. The first thing it said to me was, „One of you has to get off!”

20 dec.

Tradiţii de Crăciun

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02 nov.

Can you… ? May I… ?

Exemplificări ale diferenţei

01 sept.

Boater Gift

While at a marine-supply store stocking up on equipment for his boat, Jim also purchased an inflatable life preserver. „It was my wife’s idea,” he explained to the grizzled salesman at the counter. „She’s buying it for me as a gift.”

„Lucky you,” the salesman said as he started to write up the order. „My wife got me a length of chain and a cement block.”

31 mai

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14 mart.

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