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30 oct.

Filme de închiriat

Ceva de speriat :D

07 oct.

Prea urât

Ca să vezi ce lipsă de noroc! :D

30 aug.

Dead Husband

Two elderly ladies meet at the launderette after not seeing one another for some time. After inquiring about each other’s health, one asked how the other’s husband was doing.

„Oh! Ted died last week. He went out to the garden to cut a cabbage for dinner, had a heart attack and dropped down dead right there in the middle of the vegetable patch!”

„Oh dear! I’m very sorry,” replied her friend, „What did you do?”

„Called and had a pizza delivered instead.”

04 iul.

America e cea mai tare ţară

Dar nu din lume :))

03 iun.


Eveniment nemaivăzut :))

17 mai

Wrong House

An old fellow was snoozing away contentedly when he was startled awake by the doorbell. He staggered off the couch to make his way to the door. There stood a gorgeous young woman.

„Oh my goodness,” the pretty young thing exclaimed, „I’m at the wrong house.”

„Sweetheart, you’re at the right house,” the old guy assured her. „But you’re forty years too late.”

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