09 feb.

Pronunția vocalelor în limba engleză

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10 mart.

Woman Driver

A truck driver tried to edge his semi past the lady driver on the road ahead of him as she was obviously having difficulty deciding which lane she wanted to be in. Finally, her mind made up, the woman veered into the truck driver’s lane and jammed on her brakes, which resulted in a slight collision.

Unhurt but obviously harried, the lady driver rushed over to the truck driver and started to bawl him out, barking, „You knew I was going to do something idiotic. Why didn’t you stop to wait and see what it was?”

06 iun.

Cum scapi de tâlharii la drumul mare

Totul e să îi informezi :))

fully naked

08 ian.

Whose Fault

Police Officer: You’re definitely to blame for this car accident.
Driver: What? That other driver clearly drove into me! How can you say it’s my fault and not his?
Police Officer: Because his father is the mayor, his brother is the chief of police and I’m engaged to his sister.

06 ian.

Hiring a Taxi by Telephone

Conversaţie la telefon cu dispecerul de serviciu

30 dec.

back-seat driver

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