09 feb.

Pronunția vocalelor în limba engleză

Prezentare și exemple

31 iul.


Exerciţiu de pronunţie

01 mart.

The Prescription

Did you hear about the doctor who wrote out a prescription in the usual doctor’s fashion?

The patient used it for two years as a railroad pass.

Twice it got him into Radio City Music Hall, and once into Yankee Stadium.

It came in handy as a letter from his employer to the cashier to increase his salary.

And to top it off, his daughter played it on the piano and won a scholarship to the Curtis Music Conservatory.

03 apr.

5 diferenţe de pronunţie între engleza britanică şi cea americană

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03 ian.


Cum vorbim despre familie

10 nov.

Dad was Gone

As the father of five young children, Jim commented at the dinner table one evening that they hadn’t missed him while he was away on a two-week business trip.

But his six-year-old daughter explained, „That’s because Mommy never told us you were gone.”

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