01 mart.

The Prescription

Did you hear about the doctor who wrote out a prescription in the usual doctor’s fashion?

The patient used it for two years as a railroad pass.

Twice it got him into Radio City Music Hall, and once into Yankee Stadium.

It came in handy as a letter from his employer to the cashier to increase his salary.

And to top it off, his daughter played it on the piano and won a scholarship to the Curtis Music Conservatory.

29 oct.

Shopping for Groceries

Discuţie la supermarket

14 aug.

Where do they work?

Locuri de muncă

06 aug.

At the Gas Station

Conversaţie la benzinărie

19 aug.

Looking Her Best

The pretty blonde cashier at the Giant Grocery Store told her manager she needed some time off to rest-up because she wasn’t looking her best.

„Nonsense!” he said, „You look fine!”

„No way!!!” replied the blonde. „The men are beginning to count their change now.”

31 aug.


Vocabular specific

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