11 mart.

Verbe cu participiu trecut neregulat

Prezentare şi exemple

14 dec.

Mai mult decât defect

Ca şi ortografia :)

09 oct.


Un început „promiţător” :)

23 dec.


John was tasked with bringing the Christmas decorations up from the basement and start decorating the house and tree. During one trek up the stairs, heavily laden with boxes, he slipped and luckily only fell about two steps before landing square on his behind.

Jill heard the noise and yelled, „What was that thump?”

„I just fell down the stairs,” he explained.

„Anything broken?” asked Jill.

John replied, „No, I’m fine.”

There was just a slight pause before he heard Jill say, „No, I meant my decorations? Are any of them broken?”

02 sept.

Broken Pay Phone

Bill was a frequent user of a pay telephone at a popular truck stop, and was greatly inconvenienced when the phone went out of commission. Repeated requests for repair brought only promises.

After several days, Bill again contacted the phone company and told that there was no longer a rush. The phone was now working fine… except that all money was being returned upon completion of each call.

A repairman arrived within the hour!

26 mai

Visit at the hospital

Conversaţie despre un accident

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