23 ian.

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Obligatoriu de ştiut

20 apr.

Birth Control Pills

For the „Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology,” researchers spent a considerable amount of research funds and claim to have found that birth control pills give women’s voices a more pleasant sound.

Of course any idiot could have told them that, because men always think it’s more pleasant to hear „Yes,” than „No.”

21 sept.

Obiecte de şcoală (III)

Conversaţii în clasă

09 oct.

A Direct Question

A lawyer says to a witness on the stand: „Now, sir, did you, or did you not, on the date in question or at any time, say to the defendant or anyone else that the statement imputed to you and denied by the plaintiff was a matter of moment or otherwise? Yes or no.”

The witness looked at the lawyer and said, „Yes or no, what?”

26 mai

Telecomandă pentru bărbaţi

Poate pentru androide :)


03 dec.

Butonul verde pentru „Da”

Dar celălalt buton verde e atât de tentant! :))

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