08 feb.


Scurtă conversație despre prânz

01 feb.


Scurtă conversație despre micul dejun

28 apr.


When the waitress came to work, the manager met her at the door.

„Look,” he said, „I want you to put on your cutest uniform, fix your hair lovely, see that your makeup is on neat and walk with that extra-sexy walk.”

„Something special on?” she asked.

„No,” he replied, „The beef is tough.”

23 oct.

Bigger in Texas

On a family vacation in Texas, Mike exhibited the exuberance of a tourist. At a diner, he and his brothers ordered cheeseburgers. When his meal arrived, the first thing Mike noticed was its size.

„Wow,” he exclaimed, „everything is bigger in Texas!”

As he lifted the burger to his lips, his eyes met the cold stare of a 300-pound waitress.

12 dec.

Kind Word

A lonely stranger went into a deserted restaurant and ordered the breakfast special. When his meal arrived, he looked at the waitress and asked, „How about a kind word?”

She leaned over and said, „Don’t eat the meat.”

07 nov.

Baseball Umpire

The waitress called out to the restaurant manager, „There’s baseball umpire on the telephone. He wants to make dinner reservations for himself and two friends.”

The manager told her to hang up, „It’s a prank call. There’s no such thing as a baseball umpire with two friends.”

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