30 iun.

At the seaside

Prepoziţii în limba engleză

05 iun.


Agnes is an accomplished harpist who frequently plays for weddings,
receptions, parties, and other such events. She is also blonde and has an appropriately cherubic face.

She was on her way to an engagement at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, and she stepped into an elevator with her large golden harp. Just before the doors closed, a distinguished gray-haired man stepped on. As the elevator rose, he looked thoughtfully first at her and then her harp and asked, „And just how far up are you going?”

17 iun.

Vocala /ʌ/

Explicaţii şi exemple

28 nov.


Expresii substantivale, verbale şi prepoziţionale, pentru testarea IELTS

25 sept.

Recount in the past

Trecutul în fraze şi prefixele antonimelor, pentru testarea IELTS

08 apr.

Cu acest capăt în sus

Chestie de perspectivă :))

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