03 apr.

5 diferenţe de pronunţie între engleza britanică şi cea americană

Prezentare şi exemple

30 nov.

Exersăm alfabetul

Să citim şi să vorbim

11 iul.

Alfabetul: S-V

Citim, ascultăm şi repetăm

27 mai

Cadillac Cadillac

Cântecul interpretat de Train

07 oct.

At the Train Station

Să cumpărăm un bilet

19 iun.

Visiting New York

Two small-town merchants were visiting New York City for the first time to attend a conference. There was a large party thrown, with lots of food and drink. At the end of the party, they both staggered outside.

One guy crossed the street, while the other stumbled into a subway entrance. When the first guy reached the other side of the street, he noticed the other emerging from the subway stairs.

„Where ya been?” he slurred.

„I don’t know,” gushed the other guy, „but you should see the train set that guy has in his basement!”

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