07 apr.

Mâncare și gătit

Vocabular specific

27 dec.

Express yourself! (2)

Exprimarea sentimentelor

27 nov.

People (3)

Spune-mi despre ea

04 ian.


Cum vorbim despre mâncare

28 apr.


When the waitress came to work, the manager met her at the door.

„Look,” he said, „I want you to put on your cutest uniform, fix your hair lovely, see that your makeup is on neat and walk with that extra-sexy walk.”

„Something special on?” she asked.

„No,” he replied, „The beef is tough.”

14 apr.

Tough Judge

Guards escorted a handcuffed prisoner into the courtroom. „Is this a tough judge?” the prisoner asked the baliff.

The baliff replied, „A tough but fair judge.”

„Yeah?” continued the prisoner. „How tough?”

„The toughest judge since Pontius Pilate,” the baliff replied.

The prisoner answered, „I don’t know him. I’m not from around here.”

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