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Pronunția vocalelor în limba engleză

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One night as she prepared for bed, Jill rubbed her hands with petroleum jelly and covered them with an old pair of white gloves. As she sat in bed reading a book with her gloves on, her husband finished showering and came into the room wearing a towel.

Drying himself off, he went to the closet, selected a tie and started wearing it.

„What are you doing?” Jill asked.

„Well,” he replied, „if you are going to be formal, so am I.”

12 iul.

This is my shirt

Vocabular specific pentru îmbrăcăminte

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Cambridge FCE speaking test III

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31 ian.

Verbe frazale

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29 iul.

Anything You Want

A man comes home from work and is greeted by his wife dressed in a sexy little nightie. „Tie me up,” she purrs, „and you can do anything you want.”

So he ties her up and goes out for a round of golf!”

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