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How Do You Spell

Teacher: John, how do you spell „crocodile”?

John: K-R-O-K-O-D-A-I-L.

Teacher: No, that’s wrong.

John: Maybe it’s wrong, but you asked me how I spell it!

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IELTS Life Skills Exam level B1

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30 mart.

Mother’s Visit

Mrs. Jones was reading a letter at breakfast. Suddenly she looked up suspiciously at her husband.

„Henry,” she said, „I’ve just received a letter from mother saying she isn’t accepting our invitation to come and stay, as we do not appear to want her. What does she mean by that? I told you to write and say that she was to come at her own convenience. You did write, didn’t you?”

„Er, yes, I did,” said the husband. „But I couldn’t spell ‘convenience,’ so I made it ‘risk.”

09 oct.

Water and ageing

Trăsăturile limbajului oficial în scris, pentru testarea IELTS

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Acronime, abrevieri şi nume, pentru testarea IELTS

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