15 iul.

Crowded Bus

It was rush hour, and the city bus filled until the aisle was jammed with standing commuters. One woman, precariously balanced on spike heels, clung to a handgrip. Suddenly the bus took a sharp corner, flinging her across the laps of two seated male passengers. There was silence and all eyes turned on the threesome.

Laughter erupted as the quick-witted woman righted herself and quipped, „All these years I thought I was British, and now I find I’m a Laplander!”

18 oct.

Restaurant Wait

Four local, but unmistakable VIP’s arrived for dinner at a New York hotel right at the busiest time. There was no table available and they were kept waiting in the lobby.

The hotel manager spotted them and hurried over to the maitre d’hotel. „Do you realize just who you’ve got waiting in the lobby to be seated?” he asked.

„Indeed I do.” the maitre d’hotel replied. „I’ve already been told four times, sir.”

18 oct.

În aşteptarea unui loc

Umor de restaurant :))

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