05 aug.

Cercurile olimpice

Asta a cerut clientu’ :))


06 nov.

Bell’s Laboratory

The scene: Alexander Graham Bell’s laboratory. An exciting new discovery is about to take place.

In the next room sits Bell’s assistant, a man named Watson, hard at work on Bell’s new invention to transmit sound over wires.

As Mr. Watson toiled away in the room with the receiver, it suddenly rings — it must be Bell!

He picks it up and hears: „Good evening, sir. Are you paying too much for your long distance service?”

09 iun.


Istoria şi evoluţia cuvântului, dar şi alţi termeni inspiraţi din lumea circului

04 feb.


Descriere şi importanţă

03 mai

Regula telefonului

Să fie clar! :))

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