28 dec.

Fancy Restaurant

A Native American walks into a posh restaurant. The maitre’d greets him at the counter and says, „I’m terribly sorry sir, but we have no tables available at this time.”

„That’s okay”, replies the Indian, „I have a reservation.

26 iun.

Cum vorbim la telefon în limba engleză

Prezentare și exemple

14 iun.

La hotel

Folosirea limbii engleze la hotel

14 iul.

Spell Your Name

Working at an airline ticket counter, Jim pulled up a passenger’s reservation that showed his name as „Cole, Pheven.”

„I’d like to be certain our information is correct,” I said to him. „What is your first name?”

„It’s Stephen,” he replied. „I hope the reservation agent got it right. I told him it’s spelled with a ph.”

30 iun.

At a hotel

Să rezervăm o cameră şi apoi să ne cazăm

19 aug.

Hotel Reservations

Discuţie pentru rezervarea unei camere la hotel

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