02 nov.


A man lunching at a Chinese restaurant noticed that the table had been set with forks, not chopsticks. He asked why. The waiter said, „Chopsticks were provided only on request.”

„But,” the man countered, „if you gave your patrons chopsticks, you wouldn’t have to pay someone to wash all the forks.”

„True,” the waiter shot back, „but we would have to hire three more people to clean up the mess.”

30 oct.

messy, smelly, dirty

Adjective pentru situaţii neplăcute

17 sept.

At the Barber

La frizerie

22 feb.


Cine o descurcă? :)

11 iul.

Texanii sunt afurisiţi

Culmea ameninţării :))


18 iun.

paper tiger

Sensul expresiei în exemple

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