31 oct.


Lil’ Johnny’s mother had been away a week at a convention and when she returned home, she was anxious to hear about his week.

„Well, one night we had a thunderstorm, and I was scared, so daddy and me slept together,” her son said.

„Johnny!” said the boy’s French au pair, „Don’t you mean ‘daddy and I’?”

„No!” replied Johnny. „That was Thursday, I’m talking about Monday night.”

03 iun.

Vocala /i:/

Exersăm pronunția

12 nov.

Virtual doctor

Conexiunea cuvintelor în engleza vorbită, pentru testarea IELTS

16 iul.

Look after yourself

Pronumele şi redactarea scrisorilor

28 mart.

Găsiţi greşelile

Exerciţii de testare şi perfecţionare a cunoştinţelor

01 mart.

Tu şi eu

Potrivire :)

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