04 mart.

Muncă periculoasă

Cine ştie ce mai primeşti! :)

24 dec.


Treburi pe lângă casă

26 nov.

Apply for a Credit Card

Discuţie despre un card de credit

29 sept.

At the Post Office

Să expediem un colet

08 iul.

Post Office

Conversaţie cu funcţionarul de la poşta

15 nov.

Fast Delivery

A woman took a package to the post office to mail and was told it would cost $2.40 for fast delivery or $1.30 for slower service.

“There is no hurry,” she told the clerk, “just so the package is delivered in my lifetime.”

He glanced at her and said, “That will be $2.40, please.”

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