25 sept.

Vânătorul de zombie

Fiecare cu ce-l frământă :)

07 sept.

Expired Hunting License

The game warden stopped a deer hunter and asked to see his hunting license. „This is last year’s license,” the warden informed him.

„I know,” said the hunter, „but I shouldn’t need a new license, I am only shooting at the deer I missed last year.”

08 apr.

Unhappy Hunter

A young guide took a man hunting. The man got a good share of ground squirrels but, unhappy with the lack of real sport, said, „Young fella, take me where there’s some action. There’s some danger in going after cougar, or puma, or bear.”

The young man said, „If you’re looking for danger, you ought to go out hunting with my dad. Last week he shot my uncle!”

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