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Cum facem complimente în engleză

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06 iun.

Expresii pentru conversaţii

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10 mai

Litere care nu se aud în limba engleză

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Descrierea unei persoane

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19 ian.


Cântecul interpretat de Kodaline

30 ian.

Bosses Night Dinner

At an annual Bosses Night dinner for Helena, Montana, lawyers, sponsored by legal secretaries, it was time to announce the Boss of the Year. The master of ceremonies began: „First of all, our winner is a graduate of the University of Montana. So that already eliminates some of you as candidates.
Our winner also is a partner in a downtown Helena law firm. That eliminates some more of you.
Our nominee is honest, upright, dedicated…”

A voice from the audience cut in: „Well, there go the rest of us!”

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