15 apr.

Religii ale lumii

Cultură generală şi vocabular

07 aug.


Cântecul interpretat de DJ Sammy & Yanou

17 iul.

Reward or Punishment

A famous rabbi died and his adoring followers prayed to God to have just a glimpse of him in heaven. Their wish was granted, but to their horror, they saw him with a beautiful blonde on his lap. „Rabbi, Rabbi!” they cried. „How can you behave like this, you, who have always been so saintly?”

„Listen, you don’t understand,” replied the rabbi. „She’s not my reward, I’m her punishment!”

30 aug.

Argumente pentru bere

Ar putea întemeia şi o religie :))

20 apr.

Bible Study Group

A man was being proselytized by group of friends. „Come join our study group. We want to discuss mankind’s relationship to God.”

„I’m married, I learned long ago that my opinions don’t matter.”

„But, when you die, will you go to heaven or to hell?”

„Wherever my wife tells me to.”

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