12 aug.

Repairing the Fence

The priest is repairing the church fence. A boy is standing nearby for a long while. The priest asks him: „Do you want to speak with me, my son?”

„No, I’m just waiting.”

„Waiting for what?”

„Waiting to hear what a priest says when he hits his finger with a hammer.”

19 feb.


John walks into a theatrical agent’s office, and he’s carrying a little black bag. The agent says, „Well, let’s see your act.”

John reaches into the black bag and takes out a hammer and a few walnuts. He puts the walnuts on his head and smashes them with the hammer. He says to the agent, „Well, what do you think?”

The agent says, „That’s your act?”

John says, „Yep.”

The agent says, „What else have you got in the black bag?”

John says, „Aspirin.”

24 iun.


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09 aug.

Apprentice Blacksmith

An apprentice blacksmith was told by his boss to make a hammer. The lad had not the slightest idea how to begin, so he thought he’d be crafty and slip out and buy one.

He duly showed the new hammer to his boss, who said, „That’s excellent boy! Now make fifty more just like it!”

24 mai

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