16 iun.

Restaurant exotic

Nu era invers?! :))

06 iul.

Opposites (II)

Adjective antonime

18 mai

Describing people

Vocabular specific

21 apr.

Minimal pairs

Cuvinte cu pronunţie similară

15 apr.

Funny Hat

A short and very obese woman bought a new hat that featured a flaming red flower on a six-inch stem…
One of her friends finally mustered up enough courage to suggest that the hat was not becoming to her.

„Heavens, I know that,” replied the woman cheerily, „but when I meet people on the street, I’d rather have them say, ‘Look at that funny hat,’ than ‘Look at that funny fat woman.'”

19 feb.

Vrei să arăţi bine?

Jumătate de soluţie :))

just be ugly

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