21 feb.

Localitatea natală

Prezentarea locurilor de unde vii

09 nov.

In the city

Dezavantaje şi avantaje

20 iun.

IELTS speaking exam I

Prezentare şi exemple

03 apr.

Give Them What They Want

A very unpopular but powerful lawyer died. Two of his „friends” saw the obituary notice and decided to go to his funeral. When they arrived, they found the church very crowded.

„My heavens!” said one. „Look at all these people. How do you explain it?”

„Well,” said the other, „Give people what they want and they will all show up.”

17 feb.

New Year’s Day

Discuţie despre Anul Nou

13 iun.

The most beautiful city

Cum descriem lucruri şi cum vorbim despre preferinţe

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