27 aug.

Shopping at the Mall

Conversaţie la cumpărături în mall

08 mart.

Wife’s Law

Aubrey Meek was brought before the court on the charge of refusing to obey a police officer.

„Why did you refuse to move on when asked to do so by the officer?” the judge inquired, obviously wondering what unexplained force could have given such a man strength to buck a strong minion of the law.

„It’s like this, your honor,” explained Meek. „My wife said I was to meet her at exactly twelve noon at that spot – and I was forced to choose between man’s law and wife’s law.”

27 aug.

Orientarea în spaţiu

Cum să ghidăm pe cineva şi să fim ghidaţi

26 mart.

Istoria limbii engleze

Influenţe lingvistice

12 aug.

The History of English – Chapter II: The Norman Conquest

Influenţe franceze

01 iul.

Cuvinte care încep cu literele B, C

Cum se pronunţă şi unele exemplificări

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