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10 sfaturi pentru testul IELTS scris

Cum să obții un calificativ mai bun

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Invitaţii şi cereri

Să ne îmbunătăţim abilităţile de scriere a mesajelor

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don’t count your chickens before they hatch

Definiţie şi exemple

06 mart.

Adam and Eve

One night Eve was done with her chores, so she settled down to watch the galactic show on the sky that night. A fine display of shooting stars of every size and color. Adam was rather late coming home. He entered the gardens’ back entrance, being quiet so as not to disturb her viewing. When he sat down next to her to watch the show, she asked why he was so late. Was he seeing someone else?

Adam lovingly told Eve that she was the only woman in the entire universe for him, and he had eyes for none other than Eve and only Eve. She apologized and made a fuss about it, telling Adam that she trusted him completely. She then rolled over and pretended to sleep. When she heard Adam begin to snore, she turned to him and very very carefully, counted each of his ribs.

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Elemente de vocabular specific

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