12 oct.


Cum formulăm întrebări simple

07 apr.

apple pie order

Istoricul expresiilor care conţin termenul „apple”

30 sept.


As dessert was served to the visiting pastor, the hostess apologized for not having any cheese to go with the apple pie.

Hearing this, her little son slipped down from his chair and left the room, then returned with a small piece of cheese, which he shyly placed, on the pastor’s plate.

„Why, thank you, son,” said the guest as he popped the cheese in his mouth, „You must have found the last piece! Where did you find it?”
Flushing with pride, the little boy said, „Oh, it was in the mousetrap.”

25 nov.


Explicaţii şi exerciţii pentru câteva expresii inspirate de acest eveniment tradiţional

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