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Relaţia subiect-predicat

Prezentare şi exemple

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Perechi de cuvinte pronunţate diferit

Cum se diferenţiază

27 iul.

New Bra

A scientist in Australia has invented a bra, which offers more support and prevents a woman’s breasts from bouncing up and down.

After announcing his invention, the scientist was taken outside and beaten by a large group of men.

07 mart.

Îmbrăcăminte fără fiţe

D-asta nu spălau bărbaţii rufele: nu ştiau că au voie :)

30 ian.


Reguli şi exemple pentru formarea pluralelor în limba engleză

06 ian.

Rest Home

Aunt Mary, a spinster of 92, had finally consented to go to a rest home, but strictly on a two-week-trial basis. Consequently, she took a small overnight case with only the bare essentials.

A couple of days later her niece was surprised to get a phone call from her demanding more clothes.

„Please bring me that good black silk, my lavender print, the brown wool…” and she went on and on.

Finally after a brief questioning from her niece, Aunt Mary expostulated: „There are MEN in this place!”

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