06 apr.

Boli și medicamente

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11 oct.

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14 aug.

Where do they work?

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24 iul.

La spital

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21 iul.


While visiting his mother in the hospital, Jim stopped in the cafeteria for breakfast. He set a piece of bread on the moving toaster rack and waited for it to pass under the heated coils and return golden brown. Instead, it got stuck at the back of the toaster, and he couldn’t reach it.

The woman next to him in line quickly seized a pair of tongs, reached in, and fished out the piece of toast. Jim joked, „You must be an emergency room worker.”

„No,” she replied with a grin. „I’m an obstetrician.”

29 mai

Spitalul de pantofi

Un cizmar care ştie să pună problema :)

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