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At the gym

Scurtă conversație despre exerciții

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to get

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blow off steam

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10 ian.

Church Choir

A man, who couldn’t sing, refused to quit the church choir despite hints that he could serve in other capacities. When the choir director had all he could take, he demanded that the pastor get rid of him. „If you don’t, I’m going to resign and so will the other choir members,” the director said.

When the pastor suggested the man leave the choir, the fellow asked, „Why should I?”

„Well,” said the pastor, „four or five people have told me you can’t sing.”

„That’s nothing,” the man snorted. „Fifty people have told me you can’t preach!”

09 oct.

Water and ageing

Trăsăturile limbajului oficial în scris, pentru testarea IELTS

08 nov.


Un punct de vedere asupra dezvoltării limbajului, într-o prezentare inedită

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