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23 Oct

Ud pe jos

Aşa se înţelege mai bine :))

23 Oct


Vocabular din filme

20 Oct


Nancy & Betty, and Jim & Tom were in the old people’s home. Nancy & Betty thought Jim & Tom weren’t getting enough excitement so they decided to run naked past Jim & Tom’s room. Later that night they did just that.

Jim looked at Tom and said, „Did you see that? What were Nancy & Betty wearing?”

„I don’t know, but whatever it was, it sure needed ironing.”

20 Oct

Iazul cu nuferi

Ca să vezi, au pus apă în el! :))

20 Oct


Cântecul interpretat de Labrinth

19 Oct

Lucruri disparate

Le apucă disperarea că-s vândute :)

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