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21 Apr

Poor Pastor

A new member of a church is talking to the Pastor: „You have such a small congregation. How can they afford to pay you?”

The Pastor said, „Well, I only earn $60 a week.”

The man is dumbfounded. „Pastor, how in the world can you get by on an amount that small?”

„Well, I tell ya. If I wasn’t such a religious man and didn’t fast three days a week, I’d probably starve to death.”

21 Apr

Opriţi sau nu opriţi?

Aceasta-i întrebarea :)

21 Apr


Cântecul formaţiei The Beatles

20 Apr

Învăţaţi din greşeli

Altfel s-ar putea să le repetaţi la TV :)

20 Apr

Question tags

Prezentare şi exemple

19 Apr

Mare institut

Sau mititel? :)

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