Lucian Velea

10 dec.

Limită de viteză

Observă cineva că nitul separă zecimala? :D

07 dec.

Norway’s Unknown Soldier

A delegation from the USA came to Norway, and after the grand reception and everything, asked to be taken to the monument of the unknown soldier. The hosts became very confused, and didn’t know what to do – they had no such thing – they feared a diplomatic incident! Suddenly one of the hosts said, „Follow me!”

So, desperate as they were, they did; they followed him. Suddenly they came to a hill, on top of which there was a statue of Sibelius. Puzzled, everyone asked him what was that supposed to be! And so he explained: „Sibelius was very very famous as a composer, but as a soldier – he was completely unknown!”

07 dec.


Să se ştie :)

06 dec.


Sună mai feminin :)

05 dec.


„Ca nouă” :))

04 dec.

Este plăcut să trăieşti

Mai ales când râzi :))

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