Lucian Velea

19 apr.

Hearing Confessions

A priest was given the job of hearing the confessions for an order of monks. The priest returned to his parish that night and complained to one of the nuns about how long each of the monks took to enumerate all of their sins.

„Oh Father,” said the nun. „It couldn’t have been that bad.”

The priest replied, „Oh it was worse than you can imagine. It was like being stoned to death with popcorn.”

19 apr.

Dumnezeu este rotund

Atenţie la curbe! ;)

18 apr.


Toate sunt un tot :))

17 apr.

Pentru Hristos

Face colecţie sau ce? :)

16 apr.

Sfaturi complete

Altfel degeaba speli :))

15 apr.

Sfaturile copacului

E bătrân şi înţelept :)

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